Monday, May 2, 2011

The hormones

I caught the movie "The Notebook" on TV this weekend.  I have seen it before, but I had forgotten what an intense and compelling love story it is.  The love between Allie & Noah just takes my breath away.  I was immediately reminded of the love Chad's & I share...LOL, I kid!  Yes, I am being facetious.  

But seriously, that movie is unbelievable.  I remember the first time I saw it...we were on the airplane on the way home from Riviera Maya with our best buddies Tony & Nicole.  I was embarrassed as I quietly tried to stifle my sniffs and my tears.  Not wanting anyone to see my open display of emotion, I was horrified as I saw Tony, sitting in front of me, slowly turning around.  I was certain he was just going to harass and berate me for my uncontrollable waterworks -- just as an older brother would.  But to my amazement, his eyes were  red and swollen as he asked me for a kleenex.

I thought of that story this weekend as I watched and balled my eyes out.  But this time I just blamed it on the hormones.

Luckily, there were no tears at this most recent session with Zander.  As per usual, he was a rockstar.

A huge thank you to the girls at my favorite store in Geneva, 610 Home.

I could just move in that store.  I wonder if they would mind?  Ky wouldn't break too many things ;)

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