Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Like a good neighbor...

We found a house.  The journey has been long and emotional, but this is it.  It comes not a moment too soon too -- the house we are renting just got a contract on it, so we would have been out on the street anyway.  I will share more details as they unfold.

We are going to have some great neighbors and amazingly we will be just around the corner from my sister and her family.  Our new next door neighbors already made us a delicious taco dinner (to sympathize for my lack of cooking for my family these days).  Carla, you have set the bar quite high for our expectations when we move in...and we need more of those oatmeal raisin cookies too ;)

Turns out this "eating for three" thing isn't really all it is cracked up to be.  I am ravenous 24-7, but unfortunately, nothing sounds good to eat.  The good news is I have been craving healthy things...fruit, cereal, red meat, veggies, but the bad part is I get sick of eating them in the middle of my meal and I just can't take one more bite without the urge to vomit everywhere.  And I can't seem to get my hands on any green grapes lately...turns out, just my luck, there is a national shortage and no one has any!  I am salivating just thinking about getting my hands on some cold, crisp, juicy green grapes.  Mmmm.

I have been shooting a lot lately which helps take my mind off of how lousy I have been feeling.  If you are thinking about booking a session, let's do it, it makes me feel better to be busy.

Here is another session that was just what the doctor ordered:

Grayson is so the man.  He is three months old now and such a little gentleman and so cooperative.

I asked him to channel his inner "George Costanza" and this is what I got.  I think he may have a future in the performing arts, what about you?

I just love baby parts.

And you can't beat a mama's love.

A little drool never hurts too.

I promise to get better at blogging more frequently.  I should start feeling better any day now and hopefully I can start enjoying this pregnancy and my life again.  xoxo

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  1. haha, just got caught up on your blog! Well, don't expect many more meals. I'm not much of a cook- but I will definitely hook you up w/more cookies. And cookie dough! ;)
    xoxo- Carla