Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music to my ears

I have been waiting and waiting for weeks now.  Patiently and diligently checking the mail daily, but I kept coming up empty.  Finally, the day came.  Yesterday.  I ripped open the letter, took a deep breath and read fast and furiously...

"On behalf of the Professional Photographic Certification Commission, I'd like to extend our congratulations to you on passing your Image Submission Review."

Woot. Woot.  I did a happy dance.  

This means I am one half of the way towards becoming a Certified Professional Photographer.  A month ago I submitted twenty images to the review board of Master Photographers for approval.  They were judged based on "good technique in quality of light (direction and exposure), the surroundings around the subject (is the background too bright?), and composition (are the subjects too crowded at the top? Are they too centered?) and if the photographer knows what they are doing."  There had to be an even mix of portraits as well as wedding images (based on the percentage of what I have based my business on) both candid and formal which display that the photographer is "in control."  It was very hard to choose the images to submit.

Now, to start studying for the written exam...ugh.  The test is designed to see if you know your light ratios and the inverse square law.  Did you know there was so much math involved in photography?  It also challenges you in: CAMERA, LENSES AND ATTACHMENTS (15%), COMPOSITION AND DESIGN (17%), DIGITAL POST PRODUCTION (13%), EXPOSURE AND METERS (20%), FILM, DIGITAL CAPTURE, AND OUTPUT (15%), and LIGHTING (20%).  Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?  I think there is such a misconception that photography is so easy.  Well, it is when you buy a nice camera and let it take the photos for you ;)  And that is what my workshop is all about -- there are a few seats left for June 17th (nice shameless plug, huh?).

The purpose of certification is to prove a photographer has excellent knowledge of the various techniques that a professional has to master to survive in this business in the long term.  Plus you get to put the initials "CPP" after your name ;)

Someone else who shares my love for photography is Melissa.  She has been an amazing supporter of my business since its inception over four years ago.  It doesn't hurt that she and her husband, Christian, have given me three beautiful girls to photograph.

Poor Caitlin would not look up because it was too bright...ha ha.  But she still manages to look adorable.

Plus she just wanted to eat my sign.

Elizabeth is just a few days older than Brynn, so we celebrated her 5th birthday this day.

And sweet Mia.  Such a dolly.

The big girls.

They can rock the Matilda Jane with the best of 'em.

I love them because they think I am funny.

So fun!!!  Love you girls!


  1. Congrats Kelly! That is awesome! Let's have lunch - I want to hear all about your pictures you submitted...

    P.s. Love the pics and the props...

  2. Congrats Kelly on your great accomplishment!