Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gone fishing.

Chad has been looking forward to this trip for almost a year.  A secret covert mission to surprise his dad and his twin brother (yes, my father-in-law is a twin!) with a trip to a remote part of Canada where the walleyes and pikes come in abundance.  They are celebrating their 60th birthdays as well as the year they are both retiring.  (Well, the day my father-in-law retires will be the day I believe it.  He doesn't like to sit still for long.)

So this week I am a single parent and hoping it goes by quickly.  Ky was already asking where "Dada" was this morning.  (They are total buddies.)  Brynn was a little peeved yesterday as Chad packed and wondered out loud why she wasn't invited.  "But I like to go fishing," she questioned, "why can't I go?" As for me, I will take a pass on 18 hours in the car.  No thank you.

This little lover girl came to visit me while in town from Boston for her own grandpa's surprise 70th birthday party.  She is such a little dolly.

I think she actually enjoyed kicking her feet up in this flower pot.

I think my fluffy basket made her a little sleepy.

Stephanie, you are so gorgeous.  Scarlett is a lucky girl!

This one melts my heart.

I hope the surprise party was a success for grandpa.  Many congrats to you on your upcoming wedding!!!  xoxo

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