Monday, June 6, 2011

Not quite swimsuit ready

First, I just want to throw this out there...due to some scheduling conflicts, summer vacations, and just bad luck, a few seats have opened up in my beginner photography workshop on Friday, June 17th in Geneva from 10-2pm.  Please let me know if you are interested or please pass along the info to anyone you think would like to come.  The more, the merrier.

So, I think I have turned that proverbial corner.  Nothing still sounds good to eat, but at least I don't have that constant gurgling in my stomach or the dreadful urge to vomit at any moment.  Yesterday for lunch I ate half a bag of Doritos while dipping them in sour cream.  mmmm, doesn't that sound appetizing?  They really tasted good at the moment.

My belly continues to grow at at rapid rate, but last week at the pool I wanted to write Twins on my belly to make sure everyone knew I wasn't just completely bloated and there are actually two things growing in there.  I looked around at all the cute moms in their cute swimsuits and I immediately had the idea that I need to to get one of those grandma swimsuits with the skirts on it.  Anyone know where to get one of those?  JC Penney's?

Well, wedding season has been officially kicked off.  How I've missed you!  Chad has so many cousins, they could single-handedly keep me in business.  Congrats to Chad's cousin, Billy, and his beautiful bride, Kristen who tied the knot last weekend.

I love a "first look" before the ceremony.  It is such a special time for the bride and groom to have a moment together to connect before the madness that will ensue the rest of the day.

Kristen, I love your face in this shot.  You read my mind.  It was exactly how I was picturing this image in my head.

Unfortunately, there were some sporadic showers that afternoon, so the festivities were moved indoors.

Ring bearer bribery never hurts.

No bribery needed here.

Billy's mom held on to her son so tight, I didn't think she was going to let go.  She has such a good relationship with her three boys.  Billy was her first to get married.

The ring bearer and flower girl outlasted most guests on the dance floor.  They were still going strong as I was packing up.

You may remember these two from their 4th of July wedding last summer up in Glen Arbor, Michigan.  Happy almost anniversary to Laura & Dustin!

All my best to Billy & Kristen.  I hope you are having a perfect honeymoon.  Lots of love!

P.S.  Happy birthday to Faye today!!  Also to my brother-in-law, Adam, (a loyal blog reader) last week.  I meant to post that earlier.  Sorry.


  1. Kelly, my thought is this, you would never need a "grandma suit" since you don't have the saddlebag/thigh problem that most of the female population does, myself included... :) BUT, I was just at Macy's and they have super chic "grammy" suits. I got one with a "high" skirt bottom and a super cute retro looking black and white polka dot top. See, you can still be fashion forward all while covering up problem areas. And let me tell ya, I have many. ;) But we want you to show off that super gorgeous pregnant belly of yours! xo

  2. Kelly, you don't need a granny suit. Look for one of those cute mommie to be suits. Also, I loved the photos, can't wait to see the rest.