Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June glorious June

I have mentioned how badly I would like to renew my vows with Chad...but now I have my perfect inspiration for the occasion.

I salivated so heavily while looking at their photos in US Magazine, that I nearly got the pages wet.  There are no photos on-line anywhere yet, so you will have to go check out the magazine.

I just love Miranda and Blake and was so impressed with their laid back barn wedding complete with bridesmaids in cowboy boots (Oh how I swoon!) and the whole sha-bang of vintage country decor.  Not to mention the live music that ensued as each guest took to the stage all night long.

Chad actually agreed with me when I mentioned how fun a barn dance wedding would be, although I still don't think he is sold on the idea of the whole shin-dig.  Unfortunately, I can see already it is not going to happen this fall for our 10 year anniversary, but maybe for our 11th next year??

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