Saturday, July 9, 2011


This is it.  I am officially overwhelmed.  Our storage POD got delivered yesterday.  Although it was like Christmas as we tore into our boxes -- Chad happily put on a hat for the first time in seven months, we smiled at each other as we finally found the electric toothbrush that Chad was sure I had thrown away, Brynn squealed with delight at all the toys she had forgotten about, and Ky, well he's just happy in general -- I am overwhelmed with the boxes that are consuming our new home and making it next to impossible to begin my nesting process.

I am also overwhelmed because I have about 10 sessions to download, edit, blog, post, and place orders for and no time to do it...not to mention the sessions I have tonight, tomorrow, and just about everyday until this fall.  My calendar is pretty much booked up until the long, non-working maternity leave I will be forcing myself to take in October.  If you know you would like holiday cards done this year, we must shoot the session before October 8th.  I can't guarantee anything after that.  I am growing at an incredible rate and kind of starting to freak out.

Speaking of growing, our population must be growing at an incredible rate too.  So many babies born lately!  I hate to group them together, but here are just two gorgeous babies that have made this world a better place since being born.  (I am trying to get caught up on my blogging here.)

Sweet Brody joined his twin big brothers, Max & Aidan, a few weeks ago.  I just finished Max & Aidan's baby plan in January and now we are starting another one :)  Is there such a thing as "Irish Triplets?"

I love his hair.

And sweet Scarlett Joy.  Loved her hair too!  (and her butt butt)

Scarlett's mom was a Chicago "Luvabull" for many well as the team captain.  She also danced for the arena football team the Chicago Rush.  She may or may not have talked me in to trying out for the team one year.  Let's just say it remains one of my most embarrassing moments ever.  Luckily only Dee was there to witness it, well at least the only person I knew ;)

Congrats everyone on your new additions.  I still have more babies to come...

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