Monday, January 9, 2012


I feel like I am going to blink and 2012 is going to be gone.  The calendar for this year is filling up before my eyes...both personally and professionally.

I am so excited for some fantastic weddings I have booked for this year.  It is proving to be another fun year.  I still have weddings to share with you from last year.  Yikes.  I thought last year would be hard to top, but this year is going to be another great one and I feel blessed.

I have a few New Year's addition to my annual renewals of flossing more, church more, and working out more, I am adding to the list that I would like to learn to sew.  I guess this would entail buying a sewing machine (minor detail).  Also, I am adding to the list to slow down and take in every moment.  I have a tendency to just get through events...birthday parties, vacations, etc. rather than truly enjoy them in the moment.  I usually enjoy them after they are over and I look back at the photos.  Be Calm & Carry On is my new motto ;)

I am learning that if I don't rush through things or into things, everyone seems happier in my family, including myself.  Plan ahead for dinner or outings.  Try to be less impulsive.  I tend to fly by the seat of my pants a lot...

So, Riles & Breck are 10 weeks old today and got their shots today for the first time.  Not fun to watch, but we made it.  They are 11.3 lbs and 8.11 lbs now.

Here is how I took three out of my four kids on a walk the other day when it was 57 degrees out in January in Chicago.  I got some looks, but it was great to get out of the house.

Brynn tends to favor Riles and is constantly in Time Out for picking him up and walking around with him like he is her own.  Kyler picks on Breck continuously and calls both the babies "Brecky."  Even when I correct him.

Breck was fussing the other day, which is becoming more and more common around here, and Brynn said, "Mom, I don't think Breck likes us very much."

I think he does.

Brynn is selling Girl Scout Cookies if anyone is interested.  $4 a box.  It's cookie time!!  You know you love those Samoas!!  They're going fast.

Happy Monday yo.

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  1. Time really is flying. It is hard to believe we booked with you for June 8, 2012 back in 2010. It felt like it would take forever then but now we are getting so close. We are so lucky to have you taking pictures of our wedding!