Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A run for my money.

Holy Moly.  How did God think it was a good idea to give someone more than ONE baby at a time???

These babies are slowly sucking the life out of me.  They are passed that sleep all day phase which I am so sad to see go :(  They are making it hard for me to accomplish anything these days.  Yesterday the ONLY thing I accomplished was a shower.  Riles wanted to be held all day long.  I ended up putting him in the snuggly Baby Bjorn (thank you Carla!) just so I could finish emptying the dishwasher and give the other kids a bath...whew!

In the afternoon, I finally got them both bathed and down to a nap at the same time.  I was already planning in my head what I was going to do with this free time as I covered Breck with a blanket and tip-toed out of the room.  When I looked back and smiled at my sweet boys with pride, I was returned with the vision of projectile vomit shooting out of his mouth and all over his clean clothes.  I wanted to cry.  NO!!!

At 9 1/2 weeks old, Riles & Breck still have a two pound difference, so it is like having a newborn AND a three month old.  They are in different size clothes and diapers, using different size bottles because they eat different amounts of different formula, thus leading to different sleeping and eating schedules.  Boo.

Also, Chad just projected it is going to cost us $688,000 to send our children to college.  Awesome.

Speaking of school, Brynn loves to play school but is always looking for new students.  I let her "play" with her new brothers the other day so they could be her students.

I left the room for two minutes with STRICT instructions that the babies must not be moved on the bed.

She came in to me one minute later to tell me that my boys were big trouble makers and we needed to schedule a conference because they would not stop fighting and they had to be separated.

And so it begins...


  1. I am sure you are handling it all like a pro...and thanks for the sobering reality of college costs...I think I will just move into my box now:) Stay strong Momma:)

  2. Scholarships, Kelly!!! They're everywhere. Isn't there some kind of scholarship for twin boys? LOL, there really should be.