Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's for the birds

There seems to be an exceptional amount of wildlife in our neighborhood.  We don't live out in the country, but coyotes eat small dogs around here, you can smell a skunk's spray just about every night, the fattest raccoon I have ever seen knocks our our garbage cans into the street every Thursday night, and a woodpecker drilled a hole in our siding.  And don't get me started on the crazed, fat, greedy squirrels that terrorize the birds in our yard while trying to get to Chad's annoying bird feeders everywhere.  

This is an on-going point of contention for Chad and I.  We have had every squirrel in the Tri-cities in our yard.  It's like they spread the word to all their little squirrely friends....Free Food at the Vanderploegs!  All you have to do is climb on the railing of their deck and make a jump for it.  When you land, just shake as hard as you can and it's like a pinata.  The rest of us will gather all we can while you make it rain.

I am not anti-nature, but these fatties are seriously annoying.  They are so bold that they will lay on the railings sunning themselves until they get hungry again.  Or they will come over and put their hands on the glass to look in our windows to see what we are up to.

Chad has made an attempt to deter their progress by spraying Pam on the pole...which I have to admit was funny to watch them climb up the pole and then slowly slide down again.  He's also moved the feeder around the yard to keep them from jumping from tree branches.  These must be flying squirrels, because they always find a way to get back to the bird food.

Hey, here's a suggestion...STOP PUTTING OUT FOOD FOR THE BIRDS!  

But he won't.  Here he was last weekend.  We don't usually have deer in our backyard, but here is a "deer in headlights," if you know what I mean. lol


 Speaking of fatties, check out my 12 week olds.

I am so sleep deprived...maybe a bit slaphappy.  Chad has been out of town this week, my mom is in Door County and my sitter called in sick yesterday.  SERENITY NOW!!!  Calgon...take me away!

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  1. Don't forget the owls! Oh and in the spring the birds will WAKE YOU UP at 5a.m. daily. Welcome to Bambi-land!!!