Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I {heart} Valentine's Day

I never thought that the cliched "flowers & box of chocolates" was all that exciting.  But I am changing my tune these days.  I can not get enough chocolate.  Darn these babies changing my taste buds!

A nice card is always welcome as long as it has a handwritten note inside with my Valentine professing his love for me ;)  Which reminds me...Brynn seems to be stealing my Valentine these days.  I had to laugh when I noticed all the nice things Chad says to her that he used to say to me!!  He called home last night from Green Bay and told Brynn he wished he was home to snuggle her....he missed her...he loves her...yada yada.  He always tells her she looks beautiful or her outfit is cute.  He never forgets to kiss her good night and tell her he loves her.  What am I, chopped liver??  I used to be your Valentine too!  lol.  Jealous?  Yes.

That's ok.  My time will come again ;)  I can be patient.  And I have my little boys now to love on.

Love is the theme this month in our house.  I just can't get enough of Etsy.  I find stuff on there that I never knew my life would not be complete without.  Like this cute heart banner made from a vintage map of London.  In love.

I am actually looking forward to Valentine's day this year.  In years past, I am still usually recovering from Christmas and wishing for winter to be over and I let V-day pass me by.  Thanks to Pinterest, my view on this "Hallmark Holiday" has been restored and my creative juices have been flowing like crazy lately.  There is so much inspiration everywhere I look...and don't even get me started on Hobby Lobby. I walk through that store and I am ready to start my own business making things.  I just can't narrow it down to one thing I want to make.

I have had this frame hanging around my office since visiting Mary the Urban Farmgirl last spring and I loved it so much that I was hoarding it away; waiting for the perfect photo to hang in it, or the perfect place to display it.  I really wanted to do it justice.  I finally thought of the perfect thing to do with it.

I have been dying to have an excuse to use the new chalkboard paint, and voila! I found my new project.  Actually, they now make chalkboard paint with magnetism (not sure if that is the right word?) in it.  I wish I would have known that before I made this one.

It was super easy to make too.

sorry, iphone pic ;)

The kids love it!

Be sure to love on all your Valentines every day.

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