Friday, February 10, 2012

So Rewarding

Getting past that first three months of a new baby's life is huge.  

They are no longer sleeping 23 hours of the day and they finally start reacting to your voice and rewarding a mom & dad's hard work with smiles & coos.  

Theses fellas are finally earning their keep.

Riles Michael:

He is pretty generous with the smiles...

and a little thing we like to call his "lookie eyes" aka "the lookies":

Breck Dennis:

A little stingier with the smiles, but when you do get one, you feel like a million bucks.  Also, once he starts smiling, he doesn't stop.

On this particular day, not so much.


Thank you Jaime for their hand made, custom onesies she made herself!  What a welcomed surprise!  Thank you Jaime!!

I have taught Brynn something new...she is finally earning her keep around here too.

Ky has give Brynn some new nicknames around was "Brynnie", then "B", now "BB" or just "Beebs" for short.  He continues to call Breckie "Ry Ry" and Ry Ry "Breckie".

All I wanted was one nice pic of my kids together.  Is that too much to ask for?  Apparently, yes.


Also, I wanted to say thank you to Erica Marten for the adorable onesies she found on Etsy for the boys.  I would like one in my size please.  These big boys won't fit in theirs for long if they keep growing at this rate.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Erica!!

Happy Friday!


  1. Omg. They are so stinkin' CUTE! Just look at those little toes and those big eyes! You better bring them out to see me in May!

    Any ideas on the bench yet? I'm itching to design!


  2. So cute, Kelly. I love living next door to such cuties, all of them! Nice dress on B, by the way! haha