Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day

When I found out last spring I was due in December, I was dreading the winter months that would follow.  I hate being cooped up inside, and January and February are always long hard months that seem to drag on.  It is cold and dark and most people just want to hibernate the rest of the winter away after the holidays.

This year however, not so much.  The weather has been fantastic and I have kept busy with easing back in to work as well as being a mom.  There aren't enough hours in the day for all the things I have my hands in right now...both professionally and personally.  I am glad it is a Leap Year so I have one more day this year to accomplish some of my goals.

Professionally, I am in the beginning stages of updating my branding (which I always get the itch to do around this time of year) as well as my website and blog.  I am thinking of starting clean with something totally new and different.  So far, I am loving where it is heading.  

Also, I just got word that I have passed the certification process and am now a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)!  So now, I am supposed to sign my name as Kelly Vanderploeg, CPP,...because I am kind of a big deal...kidding.  This is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as the process was long and grueling for me.  The images I submitted for review last year were approved, however, I still had to take the written portion of the exam.

We road tripped down to Indianapolis a few weeks ago so I could take the exam and I left with my head spinning.  This exam is ridiculously hard and I honestly did not know how I did when I walked out of there.  Becoming certified was important to me since any photographer can call themselves a professional, but not everyone is Certified and recognized by the PPA.  It feels great to check it off my bucket list as you can imagine the extra challenges I had preparing for in the last few months.

Personally, there are also some great things happening here at home such as fun milestones with the boys and more home improvement projects and decorating that I continue to document with my iPhone.  It is so wonderful to have snapshots of the everyday stuff. 

Like Brynn and her sassiness....

Have you seen Little Miss Sunshine?  Great movie.  She reminds me of Olive with her headband.  Brynn's new goal at home is to not get hot sauce on that sassy little tongue of hers.  We haven't done it yet, but this Kindergarten smart-mouth is not too fun to listen too.  But she is cute.  Love you, Beebs.

Apparently I have dropped the ball on this, so Ky is potty training himself.

We all have been sick here this past week and poor Riles got laryngitis.  I thought he was just being so good and content...but in actuality I just couldn't hear him crying.  Poor guy.  He is still happy though....as long as I carry him everywhere I go.  He doesn't nap much, but he sleeps 13 hours a night.

And my baby Breck...he is so happy and continues to be a joy every waking minute.  Even when he wakes up at 5am...for the day, and then sometimes cries loudly and randomly for no apparent reason for quite a while, then stops as fast as he started.  Still trying to figure that one out.  But hey, that is my job and I am enjoying it.

On a random note, we celebrated my Grandpa O's 80th birthday this past weekend with a family dinner at Francesca's.

He is such a smiley man who always has a fake mustache in his pocket and a funny story or Irish joke to tell in his fake Irish accent.  If you run into him, be sure to ask him about "Rooney," his buddy from the Navy, or the neighbor lady who had a heart attack and died while yelling at him for stepping on her lawn while playing "Cowboys & Indians" as a kid on the south side of Chicago.

I feel so lucky to have all of my grandparents still living and I love that my kids have gotten to know them and love them like I do.  In honor of my Grandpa, we surprised him while all wearing sweet mustaches.

My bro looks a little like Tom Selleck, no?  Laura's just looks hilarious.

Chad's is just creepy.  Mine needs a trim.

And Adam's is real or fake?  Court's was sexy.

These things were actually very hard to smile in because they would fall off.

Anyway, life is a little bit random at the moment, but I take it day by day.  As long as everyone is fed and clean and happy, then life is good.  I make my family my priority and try to keep my house in order which is a 24/7 job.  

I guess you could say we are busy making memories.

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