Friday, March 9, 2012

goodbye winter

Sorry for the long silence...we have all been sick around here.  Poor Breckie has RSV :(  I think we are on the mend now.  Plus, my mom has been in Florida for the past week and the only time I have had time to sit down was when I got the urge to paint my bathroom cabinets, the kids' bathroom cabinets and my laundry room cabinets.  I will post some before and after pics soon.  I have barely left the house in the past week and a half, but somehow still have not found time to put away the six clean baskets of laundry sitting in my hallway.

But before winter is a distant memory, I wanted to share this session from January...

These handsome little fellas are brothers lucky enough to share a birthday.  They are best buds.

Have a great weekend!

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