Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sugar Path

Need an idea for your sweetie on Valentine's Day?

The Sugar Path is an innovative dessert bakery owned and operated by three gals reinventing themselves one cupcake at a time. All our cupcakes & pies use the finest ingredients, many locally sourced right here in the Midwest. 


The Sugar Path is currently internet based, but the TSP girls are located in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL.  We sell our cupcakes, pies and other treats at local farmer markets or special events.  (We regularly update the locations on our News & Special Events page!)  We also deliver for no charge to the "Fox River Valley" area - Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles, IL and for a $10 charge to select Western Chicago suburbs (see below).  You can also arrange to pick up advance orders by e-mailing us or talking to us directly!

You can order through our shopping cart on the Order Page.  You can also talk to us directly by calling (630) 624-2344 or e-mail us at   PLEASE REMEMBER, 48 hours advance notice is required on all orders.  Thank you!

We would love to design a special cupcake or dessert buffet for your event! Call to speak to a TSP event planner and for a price quote. We also have unique cupcake stands built by a local artisan available for rent for your special event.

The Sugar Path girls are embarking on a new business venture and I am so happy for them.  Turns out they weren't the only ones working at the law firm that had bigger dreams for a creative outlet just like I did.  Except that they weren't the hired help...they were the bosses ;)  Now they are lucky enough to do both as they run their law firm by day and moonlight as cupcake connoisseurs by night.

I can vouch for how delicious their creations are.  Which reminds me of some good advice I got in my inbox from my Anthropologie newsletter:

No problem.  The more I keep thinking about (and eating) all these sweets, the easier that will be to do.

Here is a sneak peek from a shoot I did last week. Why do I torture myself and surround myself with these treats?

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