Monday, April 30, 2012


Well, I sure hope this is true.

Big things going on here this month.  My baby boys are turning 6 months old.  And my baby girl is turning 6 years old.  I have some fun ideas for her 6 year old photo shoot, but I haven't run them passed her yet...I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Breck & Riles were all smiles for their 6 month photos.  This is by far my favorite age for a baby.  Can't sass you yet and can't get in too much trouble while they are still stationary for the time being.  Brynn crawled at 5 months and walked at 10 months.  She was never content sitting in one place for long.  Still isn't.

Breck is my little lover boy.  All you have to do is look in his direction and he returns your glance with a smile and a giggle.  He has grown like a weed and is catching up to his big brother.  He rolls all over the place and loves his carrots & peas.  He has a little of that wild look in his eye that I recognize from his dad and his uncle E.  I can tell that he and Kyler will be two peas in a pod when Breck can walk.  Lord, please help me when that time comes.


And my sweet precious Riles.  He will be the one standing on the side of the bridge saying to his brothers I don't know guys, this doesn't look like a good idea.  He is more sensitive but equally as happy.  He prefers to be in someone, anyone's arms all day long and is always up for a snuggle.  He is still rockin' the "lookies" and checks everything out.  This kid has not stopped drooling since the day he was born and he always has his fingers in his mouth.  No teeth yet though.

Where has the last 6 months gone?


  1. oh my word! These two are so precious! You are one lucky girl to have such beautiful and handsome children! and Brynn is going to be 6 already, holy heck! Can't wait to see what you do with her photo shoot!

  2. Kelly, they are adorable! Soooo cute and handsome! Congrats on surviving the first 6 months - that is definitely a milestone to be proud of - especially with twins AND two other little ones! Keep up the good work ;)