Monday, April 23, 2012

Deja Vu.

Seems like just yesterday we went from a family of four to a family of six.  In the blink of an eye the boys are turning six months old.  It has truly been an exhilarating time which I would not give up for anything...nor would I like to do it again ;)

I am still learning every minute how to get through each day with my sanity still in tact.  It is a constant struggle.  I came across this pic on the Urban Farmgirl's blog today and it was like a slap in the face...or at least an eye opener.

Duh.  Information that would have been useful six months ago.  Aside of Keep Calm and Carry On, this is my new motto too.

I do feel like I have found a good balance lately.  It's all about keeping your eyes on the prize and not sweating the small stuff.  Life is too short.  I am full of all kind of cliche sayings today.  Breck slept through the night last night for the first time after I filled his little belly with lots of carrots.  I'm feeling spunky and rested.

Back to the cliches, here I can kill two (or three) birds with one stone as I blog our best friends' maternity, newborn and three-year-old birthday sessions in one.

Anthony & Aiden were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little brother and sister a few months ago.

Meanwhile, Aiden turned three.


Tony is the real serious type.

Then they went from four to six...

Finally introducing the arrival of Mason Quinn & Mia Rose.

Let the madness begin.

These next two crack me up.

Hey, quit eating me...fine, then I will eat you.

Proud big brothers.

FINALLY...a GIRL!!  Yay for Mia.  No offense Mason.

Tony & Nicole, we can't wait for the first time we all go out for dinner together...Party of twelve, yes four adults and eight children please and thank you.

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  1. Oh my gosh! So stinkin CUTE!

    I can't believe the twins are 6 months already! I need to meet those little cuties! Are you coming out to the flea in May? Oh, and I have been meaning to ask you...are you going to see Kenny & Tim in June??? I want to go soooo bad, but Kane is that weekend, I could just DIE!