Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paradise Found

Who knew we would someday have thought that traveling with only two kids would be such a breeze?  We had the perfect getaway with Brynn & Kyler and it was just in time too.  I needed a mental health break.  Everyday I am constantly thinking, anticipating, planning and attempting to stay one step ahead of everyone around here.  Have the diapers ready.  Make the bottles before they are screaming.  Keep clean clothes in B's drawers.  Pick up the toys (sometimes before Ky is done playing with them.  ;)

It was so nice to get out of town and just turn my brain off for a few days.  Normally on vacation I neatly unpack for everyone and keep everything organized while we are away, but not this time.  I had stuff strewn all over the place with no organization or rhyme or reason....and guess what, it felt good.  The tension in my neck is gone and I am refreshed.

So today, I am back at it.  But I missed my little guys so much, it is fun again.  I am so used to being with them 24/7, it was weird to leave them, but I think they were happy to see me when I got home...I think.

If you get sick of pics of my family, tune in again soon for some more sessions coming soon.  For now, here are some highlights from our time away...

Our flight was at 1:20am...the kids slept on the plane.  It was great.

We really made ourselves at home.

Chad's Grandpa Hardy has spent the winter down here and was happy to show us his latest crafts...don't the kids look interested?

This is what they were interested in...the pool.

...and the beach.


When their toes first touched that soft, white, powder-like sand, their faces lit up and they couldn't contain themselves.  They ran around screaming and were practically rolling in it.

The Easter bunny found us.

I got this pic of the boys from my sister-in-law on Easter.  I still find it hysterical.

It was high tide when we were heading to a beach on Lover's Key.  The tide got so high, we ran out of beach.  We had to leave.


Look who has finally started smiling for my camera!  Only took almost six years.

We tried paddle boarding for the first time.  We all loved it.

I put this pic on FB, but this was taken right before he rolled down the car window and threw my glasses out.

Sometimes it's not about the quality of a picture, but the memory it instills.  Good times at the Sandy Parrot.

Now that's the face I am used to getting.

Decisions, decisions.

Brynn's new favorite movie is Adventures in Babysitting.  I must have been raised on the version that was edited for television and taped off of the Sunday night movie because I didn't remember there being so many naughty words.  Brynn is now testing her vocabulary limits with Chad and I.

Good bye Florida.

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