Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cooler on-line

I am not an avid coffee drinker, but I will enjoy a cup of java every now and then...always decaf.  Me & caffeine do not mesh well...or so I thought.  I have been living a drug-free life for 34 years, aside from the occasional fruity cocktail or two, however, I am now reconsidering.  I had a Mocha Frappucino yesterday from Starbuck's and I was new person.  My mind was sharp.  I could complete a sentence.  I had energy.  There was a little extra spring in my step.  I may have a new vice.

(Source: coffeepeople, via meggielynne)

We had a little excitement in our lives last weekend when we made a day of it at the big concert at Wrigley.  All I will say, is we are still recovering.  Hence the need for the coffee....

Some of my friends I was with were hoping to seeing their smiling faces on here as I snapped away with my iPhone...so here you go ladies ;)

Ok. this is a pic of a pic.  not so good.

A few of these mini mason jars may or may not have a new home.  I plead the 5th.

The "John Daly."  (the golfer)  Think about it.

The Shot-ski.  Get it?

It was really hot out.

Also, I have to laugh whenever I see anyone who I am friends with on Facebook or is a blog reader and they say You have such the perfect family or You make it look so easy.  Haha.  Well the jokes on you, because let me tell you sister, I only post the pics that make it appear to be that way ;)  You should see what really goes down in these parts.  lol.  We are one crazy hot mess over here!!  I am glad I can make us look so much "Cooler On-line."

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  1. Can we get a "hot mess" over here? Thank goodness I managed to save myself by jumping in your picture! ; )