Thursday, June 14, 2012

Waitin' on a Woman

Ok, so I have Brad Paisley songs on the brain...but, seriously, Matt & Becky, waited on a woman for years and years as they were blessed with baby boy after baby boy.  But their patience and persistence paid off as they welcomed a sweet baby girl to their family this spring.

Like our family, they also have three boys and a girl.  Each of them is cuter than the next.  Melted my heart to see how proud they were of their little sister.  I hope one of my little boys doesn't try to date her...three older, over-protective brothers sounds like a recipe for disaster ;)  Lexi, good luck with that.

Where are Cal's pants, you say?  In the dryer.  Boys will be boys.



Congrats Matt, Becky, Wade, Chase & Cal!!!  xoxo

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