Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Harvest

I fully intended to post a wedding today from June...I am just so excited about fall though...I thought a few sessions from a couple weeks ago would be more appropriate.  Then someday I will post the sessions from last week and this week....then all the weddings from this summer.  Maybe I will do those this winter to remind us of warmer days....

There is one more thing I wanted to say...I wanted to mention in my post with some of my own family photos how much I truly treasure every single image Faye took for us.  As hard as it was to get everyone in one place at the same time, in a clean outfit, and somewhat happy, it was more than worth it.  I love having photos of us right now so some day I will look back and say, "Oh my goodness, look at how little you all were!"  I know how hard it is to be on that side of the camera, but any of you on the fence about getting family photos done...do it.  Whether it is by me or anyone else, it doesn't matter. You will only be you at this moment for a short amount of time before things change.

Faye, I am forever grateful.

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