Monday, December 17, 2012

The Greatest GIft of All...

This is so selfish of me...but I am so emotionally drained from thinking about the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last Friday, that I can not even share some my feelings without getting myself all worked up.  I find comfort knowing those children and teachers are up above in a wonderful place with the warm arms of Jesus holding them tight.

So instead, I wanted to share something happy that came after another unfortunate set of events...

I blogged about Rachel & Jeremy here, but just to recap, after years and years of heartache and disappointment, they finally got pregnant with TWINS, nonetheless...and this is not the happy party...which they unthinkably lost at 22 weeks along.  The happy part comes now...after never giving up hope, they finally welcomed an amazingly beautiful little girl into their lives via adoption just a few weeks ago.

She is so perfect and is evidence of why everything happens for a reason.

And Miss Rachel...anyone who sees her out with this tiny, beautiful baby is not going to like her one bit if they don't know Kendall is adopted.  Haha.  She has already gotten stopped and asked how she can look so amazing after just having a baby such a short amount of time ago?

The pure joy Rachel & Jeremy share is contagious.  I could not be happier for them.

Jeremy...she will have you wrapped around her little finger before you know what hit you.

And Taz had to check her out too.

Rachel is loving dressing up her sweet girl just as any new mom does.  This outfit was a fave.

I am so over the moon happy for you both and your new family.  All my love.

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