Monday, June 24, 2013

Ying & Yang

Sometimes when I shoot an engagement session, I feel like the third I am on a date with a couple and I am the little sister tagging along.  Usually these couples are super into each other and I get to take a voyeuristic mini peek into what their relationship is like and see the real "them."  I love it.

I have known Chris since college...the partying, good time boy, always with a smile on his face type of guy...but it wasn't until I shot his proposal to Ashley and now their engagement session, that I really saw the other side of him.  The one that is into canning his homemade salsa, changing his own brakes, and whittling "hopas" (how do you spell that??) out of wood ;)  But the one thing that stands out to me the most is how much he is in love with Ashley.  She has made him a changed man.  She is his "ying" to his "yang."  Of that, I am sure.

This was one of those really warm May evenings that gets you super excited for summer around the corner.  I also cant wait for their October wedding in Lake Geneva.  Thanks you guys for getting me out on the town in the big city for such a fun night.

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