Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm 30!

My family really made my birthday special this year with their generosity and a lot of "pizazz." We had an awesome dinner at Prime Steakhouse downtown Park City.

(Pardon the image quality, even photographers use point and shoots for snapshots ;)

Then we put Brynnie to bed and went out on the town.

This funk/folk band, Elephant Revival, was a riot. They were like a trainwreck and we couldn't look away. The chick in the middle is playing a washboard! It was awesome. The girl on the fiddle was rockin' and I did my best Irish step dancing impression...not to be confused with "clogging."

The weekend before my birthday, Chad and I met some of my girlfriends from college out at Rizzo's in Naperville for my friend Rudy's 30th b-day party (yes, she is related to the Rudy from the movie).
We share the same birthday, so she got me this adorable martini glass.
The girls

Chad and I enjoying a rare night out on the town.

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