Monday, September 15, 2008

I Can Sleep When I'm Dead...

This seems to be my motto ever since I started my own business. It is funny that this song made me realize that this is how I live my life. This is my new theme song.

On another random note, I have recently gotten some really nice fan mail from aspiring photographers and that always makes me feel good. I love to help someone out, especially when the whole photography community is so in tune with helping one another and striving to provide quality work. I am always willing to answer your questions.

Along those same lines, sort of, I realize when you put yourself out there in the world of the internet with an website, blog, etc. you are also going to come across some weirdos too. You can imagine my surprise the other day when I opened my inbox and received a 'New Client Inquiry' from No joke!!! I thought the name "Ivana" sounded a little suspicious (ahem, Austin Powers reference here) so I was nervous to see what this perv had written in the message. Actually, it was a really nice message:

NAME::Ivana Humbpalot




MESSAGE::I am getting married and want to order a $25,000 dollar package. What do you have?

While I was still giggling, I called my brother...I was immediately suspecting this was an inside job, because we are all Austin Powers fans, and I was going to get to the bottom of it. He said no, it wasn't him, but he wished it was -- because it was so dang on to my dad -- after he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes, he too denied it. Hmmm, my cousin Matty? My friend Andy? I was stumped. So I went downstairs to let Chad, my husband, have a good laugh over it. As I looked in his office, I saw him hunched over his computer with his back to me in a very guilty posture...I knew I had my culprit. I told him he spelled "humpalot" wrong ;)

So luckily, no real weirdos or pervs have bothered me yet...only my own husband and a few spam e-mails about Viagra and other ways to boost my personal life.
So what's a post without a pic? This is Chad and I coming up on the "Seven Year Itch."

Happy Monday!

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