Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daphne Willis & Co.

Another common inquiry I get is, "Who is that singing on your website?" Well, that is the amazing Daphne Willis & Co.

She is a student at DePaul who recently signed a record deal with Vanguard Records this past June. I got hooked up with her a year ago through my good friend Eric who is buddies with the band's manager, Zach. Not wanting to violate any copyrights, I asked Eric, who is down with all the local bands, for a suggestion for a sound that would match my photography style and my personality, he immediately suggested Daphne Willis. The second I heard her stuff, I said to myself, "This is perfect."

I watched the new 90210 the other night and at the end, they listed her as one of the artists we heard during th cool is that? I love that she is taking off and people are hearing her work. I think you can buy a CD or download her music through her MySpace page. Check her out!

Here is a little more info about her that I took from the Vanguard website:

"Daphne Willis is the personable and impassioned front woman of the soul driven acoustic rock band, Daphne Willis & Co. The Band's fresh and magnetic sound is driven by Daphne's unique and memorable vocal style coupled with a songwriting prowess that features thought provoking lyrics that avoid the typical twenty year old singer/songwriter clich├ęs. Willis is backed by a supporting lineup of all-star musicians from Berklee and Columbia schools of music. The band's sound is not forced or predictable, but honest, fun and engaging. Critics often classify the band's sound as a "Norah Jones and Jack Johnson hybrid with some very addictive riffs and melodies", and as a "very talented songwriter with deep soul and lyrical influences." (The Daily Herald)
Forming in spring of '07, the band quickly began playing shows, knocking out over 120 by the end of the year, playing throughout the Midwest, including notable venues such as Schuba's and Martyrs in Chicago, The Annex in Madison, First Avenue in Minneapolis, and The Music Mill in Indianapolis. In 2008 the band is taking their show to venue across the country, and is on track to play over 200 shows.
In June 2008, Daphne Willis & Co. signed with Vanguard Records after being contacted by Vanguard's CEO, Kevin Welk, who heard the music on an airline's programming while traveling. After A&R visits and label showcases, the band happily decided to partner with Vanguard."

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