Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love my Shootsac

I am always getting inquiries about the camera bag I use when I shoot wedding, sessions or am traveling. I have gotten so many compliments on it, I thought I would give a little shout out to Jessica Claire and her little invention called the Shootsac.

I take it everywhere with me. This is me at Ruby Beach on the West Coast.
This is just a random shot I found of Chad and I while we were at Ruby Beach while I was looking for any pics I had of my shootsac. Chad actually took that photo of me above.
I took my shootsac with me to Wrigley Field for Molly & Ed's engagement session...
Always working the angles...

Here are Leigh and I at Jeff Dachowski's lighting class this summer. Leigh still needs a shootsac. She would totally rock it.

Stu & Lisa's wedding...
Faye took most of these pics of me. Jeff Dachowski took this one of us below looking oh so Charlie's Angels. Faye is rocking her shootsac here too.
I love my Shootsac so much that I even volunteered to work at the Shootsac booth at Imaging USA this past year in Tampa in January. I met Miss Jessica Claire and I made some great friendships with some of the photographers who visited the booth. I even talked a few of them into buying their own.
Now you are 'in the know.' :) Peace.

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