Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lissy & Mark: Wedding

Lissy & Mark tied the knot and what a beautiful day it was. I was so happy to be a part of it. I got a little choked up on my way to the church thinking about how much fun we had together when we were younger. Are we really old enough to be married?

When I got to the church, of course the guys were ready, and the girls...well, not so much. Knowing Lissy as well as I know Lissy, I was not surprised.

This worked out well though since I was able to spend some time with the guys and get to know them.

We were shooting away and they all of a sudden broke into was great.
The handsome groom, Mark.

Mark and his dad have a special relationship. I could tell they are very close within seconds of meeting him.

Same with Mark and his mom.

This was about 10 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start.

The bride's brand new nephew, Griffin, came in to check the progress.

At about the time the ceremony was supposed to start, the Lissy's dress was still getting ironed.

Not to worry, it will all be just fine...

Dress is on...and everyone's ready to go.

I love the expression on Mark's face when he sees his beautiful bride for the first time.

Mark and Lissy are so passionate about their faith and each other.

The proud mom and dad of the bride.

These adorable kids were so good through the entire ceremony.


The girls...

This is one of my favorite shots of the day. I love the interaction of girls being girls. It makes you wonder what they were talking about. It looks like it could have been taken in 1952, or today...timeless.

Lissy had her dress custom made just for her. It is one of a kind.

After a small reception at the church with the most delicious cake I have ever flavored, mmmm., the laid back outdoor reception took place in a tent out at Boonie's at Tanna Farms in Geneva. No detail was overlooked. It was so classy.

The desserts at the reception were deliciously made by Cocoa Bean in Geneva.

Lissy's sister, Meegan, gave one of the best Matron of Honor speeches I have ever heard. She mentioned how Lissy has always been the type of person to "stop and smell the roses....and the lilacs, and the lilies...."

Lissy's neice, Avery with Meegan.

A precious father-daughter moment.

There were so many great speeches given in honor of this wonderful couple. You can tell they are loved by many and great things are in store for them.

Mark & Melissa, thank you for allowing me to capture this milestone in your lives. I was so happy to be a part of it. I wish you guys all the best and much love.

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  1. Kelly: You are an awesome photographer. You have a great eye for those special moments and and you were not obtrusive in the process. We're glad you could celebrate with us and appreciate a peek at our joyful celebration. Thank you,