Friday, April 24, 2009

The Results are in...

I can honestly say I have never kept my bladder so full for such a long period of time. It hurt to stand up I had to go so bad. If you've never experienced an ultrasound, try drinking 24 ounces of water and hold it in for 2 hours while someone presses on your bladder the whole time and then have someone else poke around on your whole entire stomach for about 10 minutes.

Besides that, I was all smiles :)

And it looks like the general consenus was correct...We're having a BOY!!! I haven't seen a smile like that on Chad's face for a long time. We are so excited. I am getting started on the nursery this weekend!

We ended up at lunch at Wildwood in Geneva to sit outside in this awesome weather instead of inside at Chianti's. We enjoyed being with my mom, sisters, brother-in-law and niece, Ella.

Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. Congrats to your family. This is such exciting news! Best wishes to you on your decorating. xoxo,