Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh my "Josh"

Being on the other side of the camera is not as easy as I thought. When I shoot I get to hide behind the lens and wear flip flops and shout orders...I like it that way. On the other hand, it is great to have wonderful photographer friends to document such a fun time in my life and my family's.

The amazing Dawn Bergeron of Dawn Bergeron Photography in Bloomington, IL came up for a quick visit and we went on a little photo safari downtown Geneva. I give her so much credit...I did not feel like pregnancy on me could be attractive. She is a miracle worker. I love the colors in these images.

(All images copyright Dawn Bergeron)

My hump, my lovely lady lump...

I know, I am just way too cool for school...

One of my faves.

My other fave.

Love this one too!

Dawn, you're hilarious.

Dawn also tagged along with me on the shoot I did with Kristy, Web & Finn and grabbed these shots of my hump as I was working.

What do you think? Too many pics of myself? Too bad, it's my blog ;)
Here are some more of my family from an awesome session with my best bud and oh so talented Faye Licari. We went to my favorite location of this summer, Leroy Oakes. I have a whole new appreciation for what my clients go through trying to get their families ready for their photo sessions...is everyone clean? Did anyone spill? What is everyone wearing?? It was so stressful!!!
Here are a few shots I grabbed as we got started...


We had so much fun with Faye and she made the whole process so painless. She was chasing Brynn all over the place, I was out of breath just watching ;) She captured some priceless memories for me. These images are so "us." Faye, you are awesome.
Yes, there are quite a few...she took about 500, so you're lucky I was able to narrow it down to just these few.
(The rest of these images are copyright Faye Licari)

We had my first born baby, Berkeley, tag along too. He was way more cooperative than his little sis.

Faye & Dawn, thank you thank you thank you!! You guys are the best!
3 weeks from today I am getting induced...the nursery is almost done...the name is not picked...but other than that, I am ready to be done being prego. I will post some pics of the nursery soon.

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  1. You are one hot mamma! Seriously, you look amazing, and I just love the picts of your family. Have I mentioned that I'm a "blog stalker" yet?! I hope your last few weeks of pregnancy are good, and we can't wait to see picts of Brynn's baby brother in a few weeks!!
    Ashley Reid