Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remember Jimmy Mack?

Last year I did little Jimmy Mack's newborn pics and wow has he grown! This time his mom, dad and big sis joined in the fun for the photo session.

I just about gave his grandma Cookie a heart attack when I let him get so close to the side of this bridge ;) What you can't see are his dad's arms reaching out to grab him...I cropped those out.

Doesn't Erin, his mom, have the best smile??

"How big is Jimmy?"

Jimmy with big sis, Dorothy.

Yay for Grandma!

Dorothy is headed back to UW Madison for her sophomore year and can't wait. She never had senior photos taken, so I couldn't resist. She is a doll!

Jimmy was not so sure about his outfit change...

Go Badgers!

And then Jimmy was outta here...he was done with me ;)

Thank you guys so much for letting me and my big belly hang out with you. Also, thank you Erin for the adorable, comfy outfit for my little guy :) I can't wait to put him in it!

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