Thursday, September 3, 2009

I could get used to this

Today I took my first nap in months. It felt wonderful. I am actually all caught up on my work, my house is clean, the laundry is done and Brynn is at her sitter's. Berkeley, my black lab, and I snuggled up and snoozed away.

The other thing I enjoy doing when I have free time, which is never, is blog stalking my favorite photogs and vendors and finding inspiration for shoots as well as new ideas for products, marketing materials, and seeing what the latest is in wedding trends. I came across some wonderful sites that made my head spin before I shut my laptop last night and crawled under my brand new comforter. Speaking of my laptop, I also just received my new laptop case/bag that I just ordered from Shootsac. (A huge Thank You to my clients Ashley & Marty for the gift certificate!!!! You rock!) This is not just for photographers. It is a fun, stylish alternative to a boring old computer bag:

You can order one here.

One brand new site I came across actually just launched. This site specializes in showcasing weddings and vendors in the Midwest. All I ever hear about are all these wonderful, amazing weddings that all take place in California, Atlanta, New York, the Carolinas...well now, us Midwesterners finally have our own place for inspiration a little closer to home. Be sure to check out Clover and Bee Weddings and their blog C&B Daily.

I know I have mentioned this one before, but trust me, it rocks. Snippet & Ink is not only a great resource in itself, she has millions of links and resources on her site for could spend days researching all the info on here.
Another great resource is the blog by The Wedding Chicks. They have everything here in one stop, including information on destination weddings. You can even click on your state and find the hippest bridal fashion, favors and accessories, photographers, cakes, floral designers, coordinators and invitations.

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