Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Ever. Or not.

I know I said I don't watch much T.V., but it's not because I don't like to, I just can't find the time. This past week while everyone was sick around here, I got caught up on a couple shows.

How about that Bachelor, Jake?? I don't know why "The Bachelor" is so addictive. Most of the chicks are attention hungry hookers looking for their 15 minutes of fame, but it is like a train wreck and I can't look away. I really got obsessed, err, I mean, interested, in the show when I lived in Dallas. My co-worker at the law firm, Shannon, and I would analyze who Aaron was going to send home and then compare notes after each episode. Those were the days when the only person fighting me for the remote was Chad. Then I bought him his own T.V. for our first anniversary. Anyway, even though I have only seen two episodes, I really like this Jake guy. Chad says he's a "knob." **Spoiler alert - in case you TiVo'd it** I definitely liked Ali the best, so I was sad when she decided to leave last night with no rose ceremony. I hope she makes another appearance in St. Lucia next week. I also really like Tenley and think she is a real genuine girl looking for love. Gia? Boring. Vienna? Nutjob. Don't you think she hugged her daddy a little too long when they were reunited? Weird.

Another train wreck I couldn't look away from was the "Jersey Shore" marathon. I had never seen it before, so I was curious to see what it was all about. Basically, what I learned is that it is the "Real World" with only Italians and they don't have to get a summer job. The best part is that little "Snooki" - she is totally the Italian version of my little Irish college roommate, Rudy ;) LOL

As my family and I waited for the Super Bowl to get underway, we channel surfed and ended up watching a couple episodes. I cringed as they talked about hooking up and fighting while my Grandma Loey and Grandpa John-o were sitting in the room with us. My brother and I nervously looked to see who had the remote. Next thing you know, John-o came back in the room after a commercial break and was asking who Ronny punched out. It was quite humorous.

Other than watching smut on T.V. this weekend, I had some awesome sessions with some beautiful babes.

I got to check in with little Meredith on my baby plan. She is now 3 months old! She came into this world 6 weeks early and has been ready to rock ever since. Look at her little divalicious outfit.

She knows I am sneaky one; she never took her eyes off of me.

She has such a beautiful nursery and I was excited to see the same butterfly mobile that Brynn has over her bed.

Meredith's mom was a little concerned about her lack of hair growth...not just on her head, but her eyebrows and eye lashes. I think she could not be more gorgeous.

Is this not the most snuggly little outfit? We had to test it out and do some pics outside.
Her grandparents got her the best sled from Colorado for Christmas. This thing I am sure flies down a hill.

We kept it on flat ground for now...but I still have her one year session next winter to get some downhill action shots. Looking forward to that!

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