Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lack of sleep linked to early death: Study

News flash! Did anyone see this article on Yahoo news? I think I am a strong candidate to part of this statistic. Brynn tries to get in our bed at least two times a night, coupled with Chad's sleepwalking, and my staying up late working -- that makes for some very bad nights of sleep. I think I might start sleeping in with Ky and let Brynn and Chad do their thing.

Sleep is definitely something I miss, but now I find out I might die and early death because of it?? It's ironic that this study just came out and it reminded me of a song I was listening to on my iPod the other day. Although I have listened to this Jason Aldean song a hundred times, this time the lyrics really stuck in my head:
I had an all-american mom and dad Some of the coolest friends you could ever have Found love I thought I'd never find Sometimes I can't believe this life is mine And I'm not plannin' on leavin' yet but the truth is you just never know And if this is as good as it gets Man, I think I'm good to go I'm good to go
Got to hold my newborn baby girl And the hand of a man as he slipped from this world I've laughed so hard I couldn't stop Seen the sunrise from a mountain top And I'm not plannin on leavin' yet but the truth is you just never know And if this is as good as it gets man, I think I'm good to go  Yeah, I've been thinkin' bout where I'm at on my not so straight and narrow path And I wouldn't wanna change nothing about This roll with the punches life I've had
My brother-in-law's grandmother passed away last week which has sparked a plethora of death questions from Brynn. I was thinking about Grandma Ella and how she lived to be 91 years old. What a full and complete life she had, but I couldn't help but be sad for the passing of a generation. I hope to live a full life full of love like she did.

Which leads me to another Bucket List. If you watched Kenny on Oprah a few weeks ago, you may have seen the other guests on her show that day from "The Buried Life." It is a show on MTV about what you would like to do before you die.

I knew I had a started a list like this many years ago, B.K. (before kids), and I went on a scavenger hunt to track it down. I did find it, and it was really funny to see the things that were on there, which ones I have accomplished, and how my goals have changed in the last 6 years.

Here is what my list looks like now - this is a combo of old goals and new:
1. Write a book.
2. Learn to surf.
3. Dance with Ellen.
4. Law school. (This was an old one, but I am leaving it on here for now.)
5. Get my photography certification by passing the insanely hard examination.
6. Three kids. (Really? Did I say that? That was obviously B.B (before Brynn). This one is still up for debate.
7. Get a BMW X5. (I used to really like this car...not so much anymore).
8. Learn to country line dance.
9. Climb a mountain.
10. Invent something and sell it for millions.
11. Go to P. Diddy's white party in the Hamptons. (this was an old one...where is P. Diddy now?)
12. Take singing lessons. (this will never happen)
13. Be able to play enough songs on the guitar to have a sing-a-long with a group of friends around a campfire.
14. Find my ancestors in Ireland, Sweden and Norway.
15. Rehab a house.
16. Take photography lessons to learn about aperture, shutter speed, lighting, etc. and be able to shoot in Manual mode. (Ok, I thought this was funny that this was on my list. I am happy to be able to officially check this one off.)
17. Get Chad to take swing/ballroom, etc. dance lessons with me. (This will never happen.)

That's all I got for now. Do you have a bucket list? Or just a list of short term goals? Sit down and write them down and hold yourself accountable for them. Git 'er done!!!

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