Saturday, July 17, 2010

A perfect evening

I always find it humorous when I am reading someone's blog and the writer gives a huge shout out to their spouse on their birthday or anniversary. Especially when they prop this person up as the most perfect husband/wife; capable of doing no wrong; always loving, patient, understanding; never short-tempered; never having a bad day. I always think to myself, "Really?" Are there really people like that out there who are that perfect? How boring.

I won't bore you with how wonderful I think my husband is. I will just wish him a happy birthday.

What is perfect is the night we spent tonight getting pizza with the kids, going for a warm evening swim at the Geneva pool, and riding home with the windows down and feeling the fresh air blow in our hair as the kids fell asleep in the back seat. Now to me, that is perfection.

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