Monday, July 19, 2010

Random long post

I can't believe I still have not blogged anything from our 4th of July weekend...I know all of you from Laura & Dustin's sweet destination wedding are waiting anxiously. Consider this to be Part One of Two. Lots more pics coming soon....all in good time ;)

Here are just a few fun ones from our road trip up north as well as the night of the rehearsal...followed by some random thoughts and events from my personal life which have prevented me from blogging this wedding sooner.

I love the midwest.

Glen Arbor, Michigan is unique because it has Lake Michigan on one side of Sleeping Bear Dunes, as well as the beautiful white sand bottom Glen Lake on the other side. The white sand bottom makes this lake look like it was snatched out of the Caribbean and plopped right in the middle of Northern Michigan. You feel like your eyes are deceiving you when you see that bright aquamarine water.

All the wedding festivities took place at The Homestead Resort.

On our way up, we completely forgot about the hour time difference, so we made it just in time to see the tail end of the rehearsal.

Not a bad view, eh?

The weather for this 4th of July weekend was nothing short of ah-maz-ing. As for the mosquitos, I could have done without.

Can you believe this resort is on Lake Michigan? Midwest baby.

We met up with the bridal party for a little beach bonfire action...and some beach bar action too ;)

The groom, Dustin, happened to be Chad's cousin. Can you see the Vanderploeg resemblance?

The next morning, Chad and I had planned to do some kayaking and exploring since we were kid-less, footloose and fancy free. Instead, we opted to sleep in (which was much needed) thus leaving us not much time before I had to start shooting. We found ourselves climbing this ginormous sand dune -- it has to be the biggest one ever -- and cursing ourselves halfway up.

I don't know if this photo does this dune justice. It was huge. Can you see how small those people are way up there?

The sun beat down on our shoulders. We had no water. I felt like this must be what it was like to be stranded in the desert, except instead of it being flat, it was a never ending incline upward. I find it hard to walk long distances in sand even without the vertical aspect.

The arches of my feet hurt and the sand was burning. I am not going to lie, the thought "Ok, this is high enough," definitely crossed my mind. But we trudged onward and upward.

I only let Chad get this far ahead of me so I could take this picture. Plus, I was carrying my camera which weighs about 10 pounds. ;)

Nonetheless, we made it. Because I am not competitive at all. ;)

The view of Little Glen Lake was serene. We took it in for about 2.2 minutes and headed back down which was way more fun.

Can you tell how happy I am to be almost back down again? I was way happy.

So stay tuned to see the awesome wedding I headed to go shoot...

Now for a little randomness...

The next morning after the wedding, Chad and I had to head home to pick up the kids and make it up to Lake Geneva in time for the fireworks. Luckily, this time we gained an hour. My parents recently bit the bullet and bought a place up there. You can imagine how excited we all were to spend our first of many 4th of Julys there together. Their place is very small that I almost tripped on my brother-in-law's feet sticking out in the hallway of one of the bedrooms while I was trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. But, hey, we are one, big, happy family. Also, beggars can't be choosers. We just feel lucky enough to have a place to crash while enjoying the festivities up at the Lake. Thanks Mom & Dad!

These were some cool mailboxes that caught my eye while taking Ky for a drive around the lake one day.

Lisa enjoying some fireworks.

The other day, my little sassy girl found a box of hand-me-down clothes in the basement from her cousin, Emma, and put this little ensemble together. Yes, her shirt says, "Everyone Loves a Brown-Eyed Girl." Not to mention it was about 95 degrees and 110% humidity. She rocked this outfit on a bike ride around the block while we walked and sweated behind her.

On a recent trip to Phoenix, Chad brought Brynn home a little souvenir, as he often does from his trips. She may look unhappy in this picture because there is a scorpion in her sucker, but in reality, she was unhappy because I was taking her picture. I can't believe she actually put this thing in her mouth. She tried to get me to taste it, but nuh-uh, no way. I would not last one round on Fear Factor. (P.S. Look at how long her bangs are getting! It's only taken seven months.)

To show Chad how much I love him, I COOKED for his birthday!! Ok, the cake is from Jewel, but I made the pasta...ok? Well, Chad made the shrimp to add to the pasta. But it was my idea.

I can not seem to pass up a home decorating magazine at the grocery store any more. Chad keeps saying, "Did you buy more magazines?" I have been devouring these magazines lately and can not wait for a new house to decorate. My creative juices are flowing.

Speaking of decorating, when I was at Amy Wenzel's workshop this spring, I met some creative and talented women and we enjoyed picking each other's brains and discussing anything new, trendy, or funky having to do with any type of design...not only with photography, but fashion, home decor, etc. as well. I had never heard of Amy Butler before, but I finally remembered to check her out...super fun designs for purses and decor. I want her job.

Kathy at Veiled in Elegance launched her new website last week. I was happy to see my images looking so good.

I bought a book that looks like so much fun to read. I keep it in my car and carry it with me whenever I can. I have had it for about two weeks and have read the first two and a half pages. Will I ever find the time to read it? I don't know. I wonder if they have it on CD? Maybe I will just go see the movie.

I can not get enough of the new Josh Turner song. It has been rocking out on my iPod for about a week. It is such a perfect summertime fun song. Check it out here.

And since I am on a random roll...I just wanted to share how excited I am that my Target will soon be a SuperTarget and have a fresh produce section. I may never ever shop anywhere else, ever again.

Have a great happy random day!

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