Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Mary

There used to be this lady who was legendary in my hometown amongst other middle-schoolers my age.

You could spot her walking up and down State Street with no particular destination.  If I ever met Eleanor Rigby, I always imagined this is what she would look like.  She was a heavy-set woman who always had a smile on her face as she wore layers and layers of old raggedy clothes and hats and worn matter how warm the weather.  She usually had a bag or two that she carried to and from wherever she was headed.  Sometimes she would stop on a bench and rifle through all the papers and unknown objects in her bags.  Always looking for something, but never seeming to be able to find it.

Sometimes I feel like her, without the layers.  Like today when I was running late for an appointment and had a pile of papers on my front seat about a foot high consisting of wedding contracts, bills, to-do lists, financial statements, orders, invoices, receipts.  I turned a corner and the papers flew off my seat and on to the floor mat.  Then when I got to where I was going and could not find what I was looking for in my huge purse/bag.  I rummaged through the papers, hand sanitizer, gum wrappers, pens, a tide stick, business cards, and notebooks for whatever it was I was looking for.  When the rummaging lasted longer than it should have,  I looked around to see if anyone noticed that I looked like a bag lady.  Looking for something but never being able to find it.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to her.  Crazy Mary.  I know it is not the nicest name, but middle-schoolers are not nice people.

I think I have turned in to her.  Crazy Kelly.

Here is who gave my a case of the "crazies"...

My kiddos.

Ky has turned into Mr. Destructo.  I think he is going to be Bam-Bam for Halloween.  He is freakishly strong.  He is not walking, but he sure can crawl and climb like nobody's business.  He just broke the bottom drawers on both his dressers.  One by opening it and crawling in.  The other he just ripped the front of it right off.  He loves climbing on the couch and trying to pull the blinds off the window.  He also thinks its funny to stand on the pillows at the head of our bed and try to make the pictures swing from side to side.  Speaking of funny, he thinks its hilarious when he lifts the lid of the toilet and waits for me to come running in before he starts splashing around as wildly and as fast as he can.  I can feel the  gray hair growing on my head as we speak.

And Brynn, well, is Brynn.  We had our family photos done this past week in Michigan with my favorite photographer Amy Wenzel, and Brynn tried to tell her where she wanted her photo taken.  The session went about as well as you can imagine.  I am still drained from it.

And my you!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I remember "Crazy Mary" and in true Dutch tradition I have a picture of Logan in oversized wooden shoes at the Dutch Village in Holland too:)

  2. This made me laugh out loud - I guess I should be called Crazy Ashley then, because I constantly have way too much stuff in my purse & car, and can frequently be found rummaging around in there looking for a needle in a haystack. And, the thought of Kyler ripping dressers apart & tearing blinds down made me chuckle out loud too :) Hope all is well and that we get to see you guys again soon!!

  3. LOL I love your stories about Ky! Hilarious!!

    PS. My husband and I got married in Holland, MI. I absolutely love it there!!

  4. Thanks you guys. You are helping me feel not so crazy. xoxo