Monday, October 25, 2010

Jell-o legs

Change is good, right?  That's what I was telling myself as I climbed the stairs to join a Spinning class today at my gym.  It was my first time and I was a little nervous.  Long story short, I pedaled my way through the 45 minutes of torture.  It was those darn "stationaries" that did me in.  You have to pedal while standing up but without bouncing up and down.  Wooo!  It was a doozy!

I am trying to get Chad to start doing it with me.  I want his legs to feel as good as mine do right now.

Speaking of "doozies," how about these two??

Max & Aidan...could you get any darn cuter?  You're growing up way too fast already!  Have you started shaving yet?

Sorry Max, I just had to share this one.  I want to nibble on you.

Happy Monday everyone!  xoxo

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