Monday, December 6, 2010

Feeling the love

The love in the room was warm.  It cast a beautiful light on everyone's faces and it smelled like cinnamon.  It was my new happy place.  Being surrounded by such supportive and loving people really just made my heart melt.  Seeing faces I haven't see in a while and also ones I just shot last week.  

I would say the party was a huge success and I am contemplating making it an annual event.

Let's get right down to business...

The giveaway drawing results are in.  I wish I could give something away to every single person who came.  But, then I wouldn't be a very good business owner, would I?

And the winners are...

Laurie Wendell is the winner of an 11x14 canvas print!

Katie Lanci is the winner of a free photo session!

Brittany Egan is a winner of a workshop seat!

Kate Rominski is the winner of an 20x24 print!

Yay!  Shoot me an email and we will discuss :)

Also, without further ado...The Workshop announcement that you have all been emailing me about:

The Workshop will be on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 from 10am-2pm.  Space will be quite limited, so I am throwing around the idea of adding some more dates.  It will be at Graham's 318 Coffee Shop on Third Street in Geneva.

I am really passionate about this workshop and have a very specific purpose for why I wanted to share my knowledge.  One of my guests at my party on Friday asked me why I would want to share any of my secrets or why would I want to teach people how to take better photos for themselves.  Wasn't I afraid of losing clients??  In actuality, it is quite the opposite.  I aim to educate my clients and friends so that they have a better understanding of how difficult professional photography really is and how much time goes in to making artwork for them.  I think there is a common misconception today in our digital age that if you buy a nice camera, that you can take nice photos and call yourself a professional.  Nikon and Canon are not helping my cause by marketing to the masses how easy photography is.  Who is taking the photo?  You or your camera?  If you shoot on Auto or Program, well, the camera is the boss.  I want you to be the boss.

I want to take something complicated and try to explain it in layman/non-technical terms so that my clients can appreciate all that goes into a well composed image.  I also hope that they will be better at taking those everyday snapshots of their kids and still let me do their portraits ;)

Seating is limited, so I will be signing you up on a first come first serve basis.  The Workshop is $129 and that includes lattes, lunch and a world of beginner photography knowledge.  There is so much I want to share, it could easily be a week long workshop, but I'll try not to overwhelm you and fit it in to one day.

Email me at to reserve your seat.

Before my guests arrived, I quickly grabbed a few shots as we were finishing setting up.  A huge thank you to my employee of the year, my CFO, Courtney, and also to my amazing aunt Pat for helping me pull everything together in record time.

Also thank you to Chad and my kiddos for being cute and staying out of my hair all day so I could get this done ;)

(B took this picture...I think she may have a future profession)

I did not remember to pull my camera out again until the end of the party, but at least we got some snaps of some peeps enjoying themselves.

You may recognize these people from past sessions and weddings...

I love my ornament that Nicole got me for my party.  It was so thoughtful and so cute!  Thanks Nicole!  I can't wait to put it on my tree.

To complicate matters for the night, Chad and I got an offer on our house that afternoon as I scrambled to get everything ready.  Long story short, we got a contract this morning on our house and we are now wondering where were are going to move?  haha.  Let the games begin.  Who wants us to move in with them?  Any takers?

P.S.  Photo orders are due by this Friday, December 10th if you want to guarantee they will be in by Christmas and not have to put a rush on your order.

Happy Monday everyone and THANK YOU to everyone for your love and support.  It does not go unnoticed.


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