Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home for the Holidays

I went to another Mom's Together meeting today with my sister and Krissy.  Cheryl Pacilio gave a wonderful talk about "Finding Celebration in Everyday Motherhood."  It was awesome.

One thing she touched on briefly is there really are three things you want to take in to consideration when buying a gift for someone else:
   1.  Personality
   2.  Purpose
   3.  Plan/Prospect

This really resonated with me as I think about starting my Christmas shopping.  Yes, I said think about starting my Christmas shopping.  I even won a major award today because I was one of two women in the room (of a couple hundred women) who has not started shopping yet.  It is a source of major anxiety for me.  Shopping for someone else.  I think I put too much thought in to it and then I always second guess myself.  I really struggle with finding that perfect gift.

For example, I had my annual holiday get together last weekend with my college roommates and we had a little gift exchange.  All of these girls are very different from me.  We all have different career choices.  Different interests.  When we get together we enjoy each other very much, but then we go our separate ways until we meet up again next month.  It gives us more to talk about when we do see each other.  

I digress...I bought what I thought was the perfect gift.  The Island Song candle from Anthropologie in a beautiful shade of that turquoise that is so popular right now for decorating your home.  Similar to this one, but not blue.

I had to stop myself from picking my own gift (which I have done before and they always tell me I can't do that anymore).  I thought it was great and I just assumed they would love it too.  I am sure they would have loved it had they ever been in an Anthropologie and smelled the smell in there.  It is heavenly.  I want to move in there.  Brynn told me when we were there the other day that she wanted to work there.  Unfortunately they are not hiring for the holidays.  I tried.  Maybe next year, B.

Anyhoo, my point is that I need to think a little more about what people want for a gift rather than what I think they might want.

However, I do know what Faye wanted for Christmas, and her gift came a little earlier than they thought.  Eight weeks earlier to be exact.

Faye's little fighters, Bode & Jake, turned one month old on the 7th and have now been home for one week.  They are both snug as a bug in a rug in their new nursery.

Before they got to come home, they called the NICU at Delnor Hospital home for several weeks.  I was lucky to visit them when they were just a day old.

I am not going to lie...I have mentioned before how bad I am at telling twins apart.  I really struggle with it, so I am not going to pretend I know which is which.

I am 99% sure that this is Jake because he is the bigger one.

The boys are growing so fast already.  I picture that this is what they looked like in Faye's belly together.

These little rockstars are loving life and are home just in time to enjoy the holidays with their family.  Can you really ask for a better gift than that?

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  1. Love the pictures ( and the guitar room)! They are so sweet!