Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This snow today has been great.  It makes me feel O.K. that I am not going to be leaving the house for the second day in a row.  B finally stopped vomiting this morning at 4am, so that is good news.  I have also cleaned out all of my kitchen cabinets and purged all those 9 year old wedding "cooking things" that I have never a jello mold, which has proven to be of no use to me whatsoever.

Ky is feeling good.

We celebrated Christmas on Thanksgiving this year with Chad's extended family since everyone was in from near and far.  So needless to say, we are ready for the holidays.  

B got the unicorn Pillow Pet from her Great-Grandparents, so I can scratch that off of her list.  They didn't even know that she wanted it.  She was so excited when she opened it, you would have thought she had just won $50 million in the lottery.  At least that was how I would have reacted.  I have never seen her so happy.


We are trying to add some simple items to her list for Santa and she decided she no longer wanted the Barbie Jeep (which she has been asking for since her last birthday), but now she would like to ask for this new bunk bed with the house & kitchen underneath it.  She was a little concerned how Santa would fit it in his sleigh.  It is only $1299 at Pottery Barn...I told her I didn't think Santa could make those kind of deliveries.  So it is back to the drawing board.  I like the way she thinks though.

The day after Thanksgiving, or Black Friday, if you will (which I did NOT partake in this year ;) --- Kristen, how was it??), we ventured down to the city to hit up the American Girl store and see the lights and decorations with Chad's family.  Brynn is such a city girl!  She loves it down there.

Poor Chad went by himself last night to pick our our tree alone while we waited for him.  Usually we make it a family affair.  He headed out of town today, so he made us promise to wait to put the ornaments on until he gets home.  It is smelling so good in here.

Enough about about this Ally?  She is such a beauty.  I was so happy (and so cold!) to do her senior pics a few weeks ago. She is the step-daughter of one of Chad's best friends, Stu (who was the best man in our wedding), and also whose wedding I shot a few years ago.  You can check out their pics from 2008 - Stu & Lisa here.

Stu & Lisa have added one more to their brood.  Isn't she a little doll??  She looks just like her daddy.

Stay warm today!

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  1. You are too funny:) It was cold and crazy, but there were some good finds to get...I even bought the unicorn pillow pet that Brynn received as a gift:) Maybe next year?!?!?!? LOL