Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last year at this time we started brainstorming, asking for suggestions and were attempting to plan a vacation to the perfect destination to celebrate ten years of marriage.  

Luckily, we never booked that trip.  What a difference a year makes!  

A new house and on the brink of becoming a family of SIX!  Hawaii? Nope.  Mediterranean cruise?  Not this year.  A hut in the water in Fiji?  Not happening.

That's ok.  Someday we will go on a vacation again and it will be worth the wait.

I can't stand it when people gush about how perfect their husband or wife me that is always a red flag that they are compensating for something that isn't exactly the truth.  But, I do want to say to Chad (because I probably never give you enough credit) that I feel so lucky to still be your girl and how happy I am to be sharing my life with you.  I look forward to what the next ten years long as it is no more children ;)  I think we will have our hands full enough.

Happy 10th Anniversary, babe.

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