Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twins, twins, and more twins.

In high school, we were somewhat inseparable.  Faye, Leigh & I were footloose and fancy free.  Enjoying not knowing where the future was taking us and enjoying living in the moment.

Ironically, this song just came on my Pandora as I sat here reminiscing.  
In the words of Kenny Chesney's song "Young":

Man I don't know, where the time goes 
But it sure goes fast, just like that, 
We were wanna be rebels who didn't have a clue 
In our rock n roll t-shirts and our typically bad attitudes 
Had no excuses for the things that we'd done 
We were brave, we were crazy, we were mostly young. 

Young, hey and wishing we were older 
And I wish it wasn't over...  

Ironic doesn't even begin to describe the craziness that is the fact that we will all three be moms to twins. Together with our friend Nicole (who I mentioned a few weeks ago) we will be creating our own "Twins Club" ;)

Leigh is due next spring.  If she has two boys, like Faye & I, I am seriously going to start playing the lottery.  Leigh and I each had a girl first, then our sweet boys came along.

Faye has been amazing with the encouragement and positive thoughts.  She sure makes it look easy.

Big brother, Leo, is so proud of his baby brothers.

Ok, I have mentioned that I struggle immensely with telling twins apart.  This is Jake...or Bode.

Or is this Jake....or Bode?  I seriously suck.

Faye & Jay are amazing parents and are truly an inspiration to me.

I literally just got a phone call from my doctor and after having an amniocentesis done yesterday, it looks like these  boys will be here on Monday the 31st.  Halloween babies!  Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yay!  There is an end in sight.


  1. Wow..I don't think I knew you and Faye went back so far. How fun to be able to share so much history and now twins! She looks wonderful and what a sweet family. Please give her our best! And YOU are an amazingly beautiful pregnant woman! Meg and I say it every time we think of you on her wedding day when you were pregnant with Ky and since, when you have posted pictures of yourself pregnant with the twins. We honestly say you are the "cutest" pregnant person we know! You are going to be an amazing mom to your twins just like you are with B and Ky. Just take it one day at a time and don't be afraid to ask for help. And twins on fun! Meg's maid of honor is due the same day with her first! Best of luck! Can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. Mrs. Kelleher! My favorite Mother of the Bride!!! You are the sweetest. Thank you so much!!! You made my day. xoxo